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      Yacht Catering

      Nanjing passenger under the Shimonoseki branch long-distance bus terminal, rental companies, express companies, the Department of yachts, the red ship food companies such as Hong Kong. Nanjing Red Boat in which food is located in Hong Kong District River Road Shimonoseki 2, No. 3 (that is, with the Nanjing International Marina), East marina Shimonoseki long-distance bus terminal, Zhongshan, south pier, adjacent to the Yangtze River, and Yuejiang Floor phase against the background. Red Boat in order to operate in Hong Kong cuisine featuring fresh Jiang, known as "Riverview concept on board, Jiang fresh on board" in the reputation. Island along the Yangtze river to enjoy pastoral Unisplendour terminals, terminals, etc.Yanziji can dine on the beauty of the Yangtze River more than a glance. In addition to a variety of luxury yachts, ships food to Hong Kong Red Card there, simulated golf, KTV and other recreational facilities. Red Boat Nanjing cuisine in Hong Kong has become the image of Shimonoseki on behalf of the district, Jianghai Group Exchange platform.

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