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      About Us



      "Good, if the water's four and, to gather for the sea bacc the zhuang, water for the billows".The water, and streams, rivers, and sea converge rushing. The rivers are the origin of human civilization, the river, the river magnanimous. The river burst, shows the progress of the indomitable character. The sea is the civilization of the bridge, the ideological spread of the vast sea is profound, tolerance, sea roar, embodies the patriarchal vigor of courage. Who set the persistent jianghai river, the vast sea, the river side and continuously to strike "solidarity, pragmatic and innovative" spirit of enterprise compose the new reform and development.

      Look blue sky, implement,To be a cracking shore, more aroused frolic in the wild.The man, jianghai self, expand enterprising, unremitting, with the wonderful life, career and with limited life, pursues infinite future...., jianghai will surge!

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